On the 8th Day of Christmas, I give yourself...

A second chance.

Today on Manifesting Monday, solstice, the Great Conjunction... 12✨21✨20... give yourself grace.

Turn the worrying off. Turn the anxiety down. And leap out on faith; bet on YOURSELF & DO IT AFRAID 💖✨

Don’t wait until the "another sign or the next “perfect” timing, do it now. Do it while you’re afraid. Because if you’re totally 100%, you’re already too late. Take a chance on yourself tonight by getting a sheet of paper and writing out all of the limiting beliefs & habits or whatever it is that you want to let go. Take that paper and tear it up. Dispose of it. Release your body, mind & spirit from its hold.

On a second piece of paper, write out everything you want to come to fruition.

While writing your fruition list, (this is important>>) feel ALL the feels that you think you’ll feel once it happens. You know how we have to prepare the cabin for takeoff... same concept. Prepare your goals, intentions, higher self for fruition:

Will you be happy? Then smile big & proud while you’re writing it. Will you be grateful? Thank the higher power for it, now... aloud. Will you be excited? Jump up and down as you fold this piece of paper and prepare it for takeoff.

Burn a candle. I’d suggest a simple white candle if this is all new to you, which is purifying, new beginnings, peace & just overall clean, good vibes... put your folded paper of intentions under the candle—flat and crisp enough so the candle will still be securely balanced on top.

While lighting your candle, say your intentions aloud or carefully channel your energy to the candle, while lighting.

I typically keep my candle burning until it burns completely out. But if you’re uncomfortable leaving a candle burning (when I went on trips I snuffed it out), snuff it out with some type of porcelain or glass, some type of fire resistant object by placing the object on top of the candle. Re-light when you return home.

Repeat. Also randomly feel those emotions in your head, which will connect you to the intention’s fruition.

You can be the director of your life.

Disclaimer: this is just my personal manifesting tool. Do you as you see fit.

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