My Inspiration...

I saw a need in the flight attendant community for mental health resources & dialogue. On layovers, during the holidays and even in one's non-primary language speaking countries, we flight attendants can begin to feel lonely and sad being away from family and friends. The lifestyle is certainly an adjustment and sacrifice. 

Aside from that, I am very particular & intentional about how I want things around me to resonate... make me feel... and how it may or may not affect my feng shui, you know, by having it in my presence.

So when designing IAL365's first product, Savvy Jetsetting: Getting Sh* Done  Planners, I kept all of this in mind.

The planners were created out of a need. A need for me to balance my creativity with flying; my self-care routines with my on-the-go lifestyle; my need for peace & sanity with my need for human interaction & love. My need for something to do on flights longer than 1.5hrs.

The Savvy Jetsetting Planners are created for flight attendants worldwide to stay connected.

But that's not all IAL365 is about, it's only the beginning! We're taking over the stationery market, from planners to journals, stickers, notepads & everything in-between! ✈︎

Disclaimer: This process may cause you to believe in yourself and all of your dopeness. Our products may also lead to a shift in your life where you begin to make shit happen, one goal at a time. IAL365's only request is that you stay true to yourself, be kind, pleasant & patient with not only your peers and passengers, but with yourself as well. Also, stress less, smile more.
Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High

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