Heyyy Family!

Today, we celebrate Flight Attendant Appreciation Day! For the last 4 years, May has been my reserve month and I typically am at home on my off days since I very very rarely bid on reserve for end of month.

So usually when the company is passing out goodies and feeding the FAs who come into base, I'm trying to get a friend to grab me that year's FA Appreciation Day gift.

This year is a little different. Covid changed the industry and perhaps the projection of my near future.

So instead of figuring out who's working this year on this day, I'm here in Los Angeles visiting my mommy & family, currently watching the news with the protests, and unfortunate looting, still processing life, finding my peace & returning to my zen.

Y'all be safe out there, wherever you are.

Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High


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