Current & Future Flight Attendants...

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IAL365 is currently working on a few products that will serve as resources to help us sort through our thoughts during this pandemic (& the different future life battles  to come) + a good reason take a much needed break from watching a screen.

That's coming very soon and more information will be released about it in the next coming weeks. To stay in the know be sure to sign up for our newsletter on -- scroll to the bottom and input your email address and that's it!

In the meantime, check the sale out. ALL IAL365 Planners on sale now. Listen, they may be titled a planner but they are so much more than planners. They’re life-upgrade tools hunnie that will guide & motivate you in many of your personal journeys. There's a Resources page, Self-Care, Self-Love, Finances, a little Galley Gossip as well as some Galley Therapy. There is so much valuable information packed into the IAL365 planners... making it so much more than a planner!

All of this to say, IAL365 Planners were carefully designed (with love, good vibes & prayers haha) to give current and future flight attendants a start and/or the necessary "sign" (*sigh, we're always looking for a sign) & the push we tend to wait on before doing things for ourselves.

I know for some of us it's a little hard to see a need for a planner for 2020, a year that seems so uncertain (& petty lol), but there is ALWAYS an end to bad situations. There are ALWAYS better days. And there are also multiple functions of the IAL365 planner.

Here's a list of different uses for your IAL365 Planner:

  • Use for daily quick-writes (feelings, mood, last night's dream(s), first thought of the day)
  • Write to-do lists, summer classes' homework & other classic planner activities
  • Daily affirmations (I'm really into affirmations so some days have affirmations covering the entire date)
  • Track water intake & at-home workout routines, targeting different muscle groups, depending on your goals 
  • Meal preps for the day (I've been cooking SO much these days)
  • Draw how you’d like to feel in that moment or what you’d like to do
  • List/draw 5 things you're grateful for
  • Fill a day's space with lines, shapes... of different colors and widths/lengths for some good ol color therapy

Totally depends on what you’re into.

My favorite thing to do in my IAL365 planner is--after I wake up, first thing--write just a few words on how I’m feeling in that moment. And before I go to sleep, I return to that same entry & write how I’m feeling right before sleep. Nothing lengthy and drawn out. I keep it short & sweet. I like to reflect on the day and see if I was successful in raising my vibration, if necessary, throughout the day. Or, the opposite, see if there was a certain something that changed the course of my day.

I challenge you to try all of the above and see just how colorful and beautiful your planner transforms into. If you share your planner spread with me, I'll share mine 😘Tag us on ig!



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