Hey Travel Cuties! 

I have been M.I.A. for the past couple of months. I had to focus on not completely losing my shit. It's been a constant something, involving much energy & effort. But like always, I keep coming out on top somehow.

Anyway, with 2020 having such horrible and extreme mood swings, I was able to begin a few new journeys, since March that I would like to share. 

*sidenote: can you believe I have not worked a bonafide trip since mid-March? Crazy.*

I'll start by sharing that in April, I decided to enroll into a junior college. Starting in June, I started my classes towards an Associates in Science degree in Web Development. This came about after running out of excuses -- seeing as with the pandemic I now had nothing but time, space and the brain capacity to learn something new. 

First, I purchased a uDemy course back in March and quickly realized I needed a more structured-something, if I planned to become this badass girl-coder in her 30's. *insert scared, horrific emoji here*

I took my first two classes from mid-June to August 8 during an intensive 8 week session. It was different for me, as I have not been in school in a decade *insert scared, horrific emoji here as well*. But it was different in a good way, like an exhilarating, new goals, new me sort of way. 

Fast-fwd to today...

Fall semester begins in late september. In the meantime, I'm left with a lot of time and space again until September 1st, when I return to Miami for flying. 

I took a voluntary 3 mos leave from June 1-August 30th, hoping that after the leave covid would just be tired & gone. We all know that's not the case.

So here we are, August 24th, the day of the supposed announcement of the furlough numbers. I call it the to be, or not to be waiting-pretty game.

With September 30th being the last day of the government's assistance to airlines for us U.S. airline employees, a lot of our futures are looking real unfamiliar and sus (that's short for "suspect").

But hey, what can one do but wait it out, try his or her best to radiate faith, gratitude and love and once again... perhaps look into alternatives, although no one wants to actually forcibly use said alternatives.

In addition to web development, I've also gotten into Options trading. New for me, but quite thrilling. I've lost money but also gained it back, and then some. But if I'm being honest, my bf is helping me make the decisions so that's that. Nonetheless, I've pivoted a bit as to not limit myself to my dream job of flying the friendly skies. I strongly believe that God will not close a great door if a new, more joyful & abundant one wasn't available and opened next. So I sit in my humility often and literally count my blessings - 'cause sometimes I need a vibration boost.

Let me tell you, sometimes my energy is Eeyore-like, low and emo af. And other times my energy is resilient and just carefree. 

A great thing about it all is that I have started back my morning guided meditations and since July decided it was time to start back taking regular showers & lotioning this body.

But anyway, the third thing I've been working on during all of this is the It's A Lifestyle 365 brand. I am excited to relaunch her with more wellness and super cute products along with more community-enhancing conversations. Please remain patient with me as I navigate the emotional roads of the pandemic, job uncertainty and my own continued personal healing.

Good luck to everyone facing the possibility of furlough. And as always...

Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High{er}


P.S. Would you like to create the same bath with intention as you see in this post's thumbnail? Look out for the next post :)

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