I found myself reflecting this morning on a few things...

Being a flight attendant is a lifestyle. Not just when at work but it spills over into our personal life as well, hence the name It’s A Lifestyle 365 🙃

I love this lifestyle.

But I’m also optimistic, excited & hopeful for the days & months to come.

We don’t end up in a situation with a destined future to fail. No, we scan over what was given to us, rely on our resources & skill set and start making magic. And through it all, we grow & grow some more. We collect gems along the way and wisdom to be passed along to those who come behind us. .

By no means am I too proud to return to a 9-5 normal job. Right before becoming an international FA I worked at @nordstrom. It was a short 3 months but an eye opening, introspective & nonetheless, definitely a humbling experience. .

But me knowing me, someway I will make a way to continue to thrive in my desired lifestyle of abundance, fun, flexibility & beaucoup love. .

I may be a little nervous but I’m #unafraid of what the future holds for me. I am blessed & highly favored; breakthroughs are already en route. . And this goes for every single one of you too 💕♡

Y’all Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High

xox, Qui🌻✨

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