IAL365 brand was launched December 31, 2019 at 11:11am from an idea that turned into a dream --> rolled over into a goal --> kicked its way in to a grand vision --> and ultimately strutted its way out into reality.

The work was put in at many of Starbucks', hotel room balconies, layover pool sides, cute local boutique coffee shops and wherever else I could plug up & connect to wifi.

On a more serious note, IAL365 was created to address the poor mental health of working flight attendants. 

I am not a mental health professional. But I am a current flight attendant who have been consistently and intentionally putting in the inside-work to keep my mental health in tact, since 2013. My journey started around 7 years ago when I had a mini quarter-life crisis. After taking a break from an 8 year relationship, I was lost, uncertain and unhappy. I decided to big chop.

My big chop... boy, was that a humbling experience, to say the least! 😂

In case you're wondering what the heck is a big chop, it's when you literally go from long lustrous strands (typically damaged though, from heat or chemicals if deciding to big chop) to... a little natural, cute *emphasis on little* curly fro. Or at least that's how my situation went haha!

So during that year I got deeper into writing and repeating affirmations. I wanted to help myself love all of me-and others-more.

But eventually, I began to feel as though I had outgrown Los Angeles. I needed something fresh. Something different & exciting. Something more fitting to who I was at my core.

Fast forward to 2016... I manifested my dream career that I had never even considered before: Flight Attendant for the friendly skies.

Listennnn...! Healthy hair was growing... options were widening... I was recently single, like for real foreal... that pay grade jumped back up... and, it was time to leave my beautiful (yet tired) LA to settle into my new base and home, in Miami! 

So... all of that to say: when you get your mental state A1, the rest of your life will follow. It's like the saying wherever your energy goes, it flows & grows. And that's Law.

SkyFriends, life is just beginning (covid has helped with that). Amid this covid-19 pandemic, I think the world has pressed its 'reset' button. Not only are the flowers blooming again, but animals are taking back their natural habitats, bodies of water are returning to its natural clean condition & color, and so many other positive changes. But, on the flipside, unfortunately the greatest downside (in my opinion) are the many lives that have been lost. 

It's a painful reality that more people are to be affected by this, whether it be ourselves or loved one(s). So today, if you have not been operating in an air of gratitude, try shifting your attitude right at this moment.

I Love You.

**sorry, I've been super into telling all of my friends and family that I love them as much as I can, and since I consider the aviation industry family, it's only right to tell you as well.

If you're still flying, please do so with care.

Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High,



Btw, I know I got a little side tracked towards the end when I started talking about covid. But I ain't sorry. We are essential workers. And some of us (whether we'd like to or not) are still working, thus, being exposed to the virus. 

I cannot ignore what's going on. Neither should you. But what we also cannot do is allow the negativity associated with it to consume every corner of our lives. There needs to be some compartmentalizing... some breaks... some other methods of coping healthily (like virtual therapy, zoom dates with loved ones, exercising, etc).

IAL365's Self ♡ Love notes was created to push a more positive agenda on you. An agenda that will help the receiver. The Self ♡ Love notes is an introspective (or in other words, an inward-looking) journey to self-love. I would love for you to join me--both feet in--on this intentional long-haul trip. 

Flight Attendants, Are You Prepared for Takeoff?

Ya damn right!   *that was rhetorical, we stay ready!

Bon Appetitt!

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