1.) “You look beautiful.” = enough love for self that you giving another woman a compliment comes easily.

2.) “I feel beautiful.” = enough love for self that a compliment does not cause one to deflect, deny or feel inclined to say the opposite of the compliment, as to diminish his/her light & go back to being unnoticed.

3.) “So do you.” [quote went something like that... couldn’t write it down fast enough hahah] = enough love for self to genuinely return the favor.

Do you like to receive or give compliments? Are you comfortable receiving/giving compliments to the same sex? How about the opposite sex? Y’all, let’s chat 🛫Comment below your favorite compliment received and/or given.

Story Time

Here's my favorite compliment: as a passenger (a lady maybe in her late 40s-early 50’s) was deplaning—she stopped in front of me at 2L/R boarding door on a 757 and said, “you know, I love your energy. I was drawn to you the moment I boarded. Thank you.” Smiled and proceeded to deplane.

I almost shed a tear y’all!! This energy... that energy she felt is a reflection of my inside W O R K hunnie.

This ain't happen overnight. So I was happy to hear that my aura was poppin’ lol.

Work on you, friend. Do the inside work to feel better then you'll naturally behave and represent yourself better.

#flysafevibehigh Queens 🌻✨💕


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