photo of the owner, Qui, of IAL365.

Who Is Qui, the CEO & Owner of IAL365?

I’m a furloughed flight attendant, meaning... that career is on pause until further notice (you know, with the "new normal"). In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of my freed up time to build the IAL365 brand & to go back to school & explore another field, that from a distance, I’ve always been attracted to. 

I’m all about a joyous, well-balanced lifestyle. To me, that looks like...


We FLY Together, We VIBE Together

We FLY Together, We VIBE Together

We FLY together...
We VIBE together...
#yourfavoriteflightattendant for life.

I’ve met some incredible souls in this profession. Many colleagues, some passengers & others on layovers... #lifeasaflightattendant is quite extraordinary. We’re taught very early on to
International Flight Attendant Furlough Day?

International Flight Attendant Furlough Day?

I took a voluntary 3 mos leave from June 1-August 30th, hoping that after the leave covid would just be tired & gone. We all know that's not the case.

So here we are, August 24th, the day of the supposed announcement of the furlough numbers. I call it the to be, or not to be waiting-pretty game.


IAL365 Planners: Make It Yours w/Multiple Uses

IAL365 Planners: Make It Yours w/Multiple Uses

IAL365 is currently working on a few products that will serve as resources to help us sort through our thoughts during this pandemic (& the different future life battles  to come) + a good reason take a much needed break from watching a screen.

That's coming very soon...

In the meantime, here's a list of different uses for your IAL365 Planner:

  • Use for daily quick-writes...

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IAL365 Flight Attendants United by wings everywhere, during Covid-19 and beyond!

United by Wings

We’re In This Together

It takes our collective efforts to connect a college student in Los Angeles with their families back in New York, or a church ministry from Texas to their desired location outside of the U.S., or a bright-eyed U.M. with his grandparents in Portland, or the D.C. businesswoman with her partners in Indonesia... & the list of connections goes on. 

We are connecting the dots all over the world.

The thought of not having the job I look forward to... not seeing my buddy bidder consistently...

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