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Who is IAL365? Quick Intro

What is IAL365? Travel-related goodies & camaraderie for current & aspiring worldwide Flight Attendants. We understand the on-the-go, sometimes hectic-always changing lifestyle of sassy stews. But life just got easier.

In Summary: A solid vibe
IAL365 Flight Attendants United by wings everywhere, during Covid-19 and beyond!

United by Wings

We’re In This Together

It takes our collective efforts to connect a college student in Los Angeles with their families back in New York, or a church ministry from Texas to their desired location outside of the U.S., or a bright-eyed U.M. with his grandparents in Portland, or the D.C. businesswoman with her partners in Indonesia... & the list of connections goes on. 

We are connecting the dots all over the world.

The thought of not having the job I look forward to... not seeing my buddy bidder consistently...

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For Flight Attendants, By A Flight Attendant

My Inspiration...

I saw a need in the flight attendant community for mental health resources & dialogue. On layovers, during the holidays and even in one's non-primary language speaking countries, we flight attendants can begin to feel lonely and sad being away from family and friends. The lifestyle is certainly an adjustment and sacrifice.