A high vibrational lifestyle is one of opulence. And although I love nice, pretty things, I'm not necessarily referring to materialistic possessions. You don't have to carry an LV bag to live a high vibrational lifestyle. Yes, it may compliment the lifestyle and look chic and fashionable to do so, but that's about it sis. An LV can't make the person. Or in other words, it doesn't automatically upgrade your character. And that's the magic sauce! 

See, our inner-being/self aka soul is so precious. It's the product of a loving entanglement of our mental health (trauma healing) + physical health + a lot of the "selves" (i.e. self-worth, self-love, self-care, self-view, self-help). It's where it all goes down! We must be able to see or visualize a better self or lifestyle before actually stepping into that new and improved reality. And the same goes for low vibration negative thoughts... if we allow negative thoughts to take up valuable real-estate in our minds, then we will always be in survival mode. The goal is to thrive, not merely to survive. 

In my opinion, in order to thrive and live a high vibrational lifestyle, we must first start with a list of ALL of our limiting beliefs. Now, cancel each and every one of those limiting beliefs. We do this by writing the limiting belief out (yes, on paper--you millenials) but in its polar opposite. Often without us even realizing, we water negative beliefs about ourselves, aiding in its exponential growth. We all know all it takes is 1 negative thought that, if we're not careful, can turn into hella negative beliefs. This results from believing and accepting the stunt thought, and allowing it to stop progress and/or enabling the negative self-talk to curve a win.

So it's best to rid ourselves of ALL of the negative false-truths we may have held on to, and especially those from our childhood. Because for 1. more times than not, the limiting belief is outdated. With time, things become obsolete or is no longer serving. A lack of representation is another cause of limiting beliefs. And 2: Limiting beliefs cause us to remain content with receiving and/or doing just enough or the bare minimum, or in other words, stay in our comfort zones.

There's so much more to life than what the eye can see, especially while in our comfort zone.

If you make decisions based solely off of "I won't, because I can't", "I'm afraid", "this one is cheaper" or "easier" or "less work", then you may be operating with limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities. By doing so, we cheat ourselves of not only the quality we deserve but also of a high vibrational lifestyle. And let me tell you baby, a high vibrational lifestyle is where it's at!

Think about it, if you can afford better quality yet still opt for the cheap, significantly lesser quality item, you're doing yourself a disservice. This is not in every case... some things, for example trendy items, are not worth the investment, in my opinion. Therefore I will opt for the less expensive product that will still get me the desired outcome. Also, if I really do not have the money to spend - that, of course, will cause me to definitely consider the less expensive option. 

Even then, I will be sure to read reviews and to ensure my money goes its furthest possible on the cheap alternative. This is to be sure it will serve me and my needs and be worth my hard-earned coin. 

Needless to say, a high vibrational lifestyle is golden. This lifestyle is more so about the inner-peace & workings of each individual. Yet, it beautifully balances with how we view and interact with the world outside of ourselves.

And of course, "Fly Safe" means just that - as avid travelers, not much can keep us from 'preparing for takeoff'. So with that said, take care of yourself and each other at 30,000 feet. Travel is an experience. It is a way of life. Let's not forget our manners or leave kindness behind when we enter our home away from home.

Thank you for attending my TedTalk, part 1 & 2.



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