We’re In This Together

For hundreds of thousands of people in the aviation industry, working remotely is not an option for our line of work.

It’s never been—not during a natural disaster like a hurricane nor during extensive holidays like Independence Day, Christmas, New Years, etc.

In fact, usually during these times where people are taking 2, 3-week-long vacations, many of us are picking up extra hours to keep operation running smoothly & families happily reunited.

We chose this life, yes. But that doesn’t mean we’re immune to the loneliness, illnesses, bad moods and/or the anxiety & depression that can come along with being out on the frontline during both happy & uncertain times.

This usually stands true for most, if not all in the aviation field—not just American (for example), or not just mainline in general. But also Qatar... regional airlines... flight attendants... pilots.... gate agents... mechanics... baggage handlers... crew chiefs... Because it takes us ALL to keep the airport & operations going.

It takes our collective efforts to connect college students in Los Angeles with their families back in New York, or a church ministry from Texas to their desired location outside of the U.S., or a frightened U.M. with his grandparents in Portland, or the D.C. businesswoman with her partners in Indonesia... & the list of connections goes on.

The thought of no longer having the job I look forward to... not seeing my buddy bidder consistently... not relaxing on a sexy Caribbean beach while on the clock... not meeting odd people on the regular... the thought of loosing all of that so suddenly makes me (and many others) uneasy.

But this isn’t the first interruption to business, nor will it be the last. We are some flexible... ride-the-wave... adapt. Make ourselves home... have a glass of wine... palm trees who wave out in the winds and capable of harsh weather and times. :) I just wanted to get a smile out of you...

Jokes aside—through it all, we always prevail #unitedasone. Keep hope alive and your heads & energy high up in the sky! #Skyfriends & #aviationworld — this will soon be over!

Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High

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