Hey! Unsure if I’ve ever actually introduced myself here. So how about it?!

My name is Raena but online I go by Qui (it’s a personal self-care decision to separate the two).

I created the It’s A Lifestyle 365 brand because there is a need for wellness resources (self-care, self-love, self-growth & development, etc) to take on-the-go. Or in other words, I personally had a difficult time frequently traveling & staying on top of nourishing all of my “selves” & needed to address that ASAP.

My sanity & happiness depended on it.

I’m a furloughed flight attendant, meaning... that career is on pause until further notice (you know, with the "new normal"). In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of my freed up time to build the IAL365 brand & to go back to school & explore another field, that from a distance, I’ve always been attracted to. 

I’m all about a joyous, well-balanced lifestyle. To me, that looks like making time for myself amongst my many responsibilities. That looks like breaking generational curses & cycles and boldly creating the life I desire, and on my own terms. That looks like living a lifestyle of luxury -- work hard, play harder, right? That also looks like doing the inside work--which sometimes isn't easy & pretty. In doing so, I have the expectation that I will get out of life what I put into it. And what's blooming on the inside will be reflected on my outside -- & not just through my personal aura & high vibrations, but also reciprocated from others & the environment around me.  I

can go on and on. But I will stop there. 

So who am I, you ask? I'm a self-loving, affirmations-saying,  mogul-in-the-making.

Pleasure meeting you.

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