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At IAL365, we are all about self-care & maintenance, while 'on go'. Here's the first product of our all new Wellness On-The-Go series! Hope you enjoy coloring :)

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Travel Savvy

Think of the Savvy Jetsetter Planner as your mini personal assistant ✈︎

It does all the great things your favorite planner does + keep tabs on work details and all the goals you are working towards. Best of all, it prompts you to start thinking about (and even act upon) improving your mental health and self-care routines. It's an overall life-upgrade tool. Don't go without this planner.

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12*21*2020 Manifesting Monday. Solstice. The Great Conjunction.

12*21*2020 Manifesting Monday. Solstice. The Great Conjunction.

Today on Manifesting Monday, solstice, the Great Conjunction... 12✨21✨20... give yourself grace. 

Turn the worrying off. Turn the anxiety down. And leap out on faith; bet on YOURSELF & DO IT AFRAID 💖✨

Don’t wait until the "another sign or the next “perfect” timing, do it now. Do it while you’re afraid. Because if you’re totally 100%...


diciembre 21, 2020 — QUI .
photo of the owner, Qui, of IAL365.

Who Is Qui, the CEO & Owner of IAL365?

I’m a furloughed flight attendant, meaning... that career is on pause until further notice (you know, with the "new normal"). In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of my freed up time to build the IAL365 brand & to go back to school & explore another field, that from a distance, I’ve always been attracted to. 

I’m all about a joyous, well-balanced lifestyle. To me, that looks like...


octubre 27, 2020 — QUI .
It’s The Lifestyle For Me

It’s The Lifestyle For Me

I eventually started investing my money & thinking of more business ideas... but I always kept my eye on the prize & that is: an upgraded lifestyle of opulence.


Y’all know I love cute, expensive Sh💞t.


septiembre 30, 2020 — QUI .