I'll be hanging my uniform up for a little bit. I have a few other endeavors I have begun &/or will resume.

In June 2020, I enrolled into school and attended Summer Session. I am studying Web Development. It's fun. A nice creative challenge. Fall Semester begins September 28. In fact, I think I love it. I'll update this after a few more courses haha.

I got introduced to options trading. It's also interesting, lost some & gained some. Pero, the market isn't doing so well these days. So...

Lastly, I have been working really hard to revamp IAL365 with more dope a*s products and a more Interactive website COMING SOON!! 

Oh, and also, I'll be doing some nice leisure traveling with bae & my bff, as well.

I hope you all will join me on the ventures. What are your plans? Any upcoming trips or new commitments? Please share in the comments


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