I'm pretty convinced I have a guardian angel.

I went to sleep around 4:34a this am because I was in my bag and that tends to keep me up.

But sometimes this causes me to go to sleep too abruptly or on the “wrong side” of the bed.

I’m so extra. I like to be put to bed in a certain fashion. Like, I have a whole routine. I need to floss, brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturize, throw on my satin cap, flash my teeth in the mirror, smile a few times. Then... once I make it to the bed (lol)... I power down by writing in my planner how I’m feeling at that moment before bed. That way, I know what type of affirmation to look for on YouTube to play on low while I’m sleeping.

Pro Tip: Recondition your mind by listening to affirmations (abundance, self-love, success, etc.) while you sleep. It wakes up the subconscious mind and begins the process of rewriting any limiting beliefs you may have.

Yes, I am that type of girl. My bf & bff can both vouch, I am an Affirmations Queen.

Pero, I digress.

So last night I failed to do my normal routine. Sometimes when I’m in my bag (or in other words, working hard on my business and/or streams of income), I don’t do most of which I listed above. I may or may not brush my teeth. I usually always wash my face, at least (last night I didn’t) but I also didn’t sit and take the time to write my mood in my planner.

Instead, I fell asleep, lights on... sitting upright in my bed w/my back against my pillow... laptop on lap... reading glasses half on... & too loud of music still going. Well, the music wasn’t actually loud but when it’s time for me to go to sleep, I need for you to talk to me nice. Soothing voices only. Please & thank you.

Anyway, so I may have slept good 45mins before getting up to tinkle, wash my hands, turn off all of the lights then actually get under my leopard print blankets (I have like 3 of them 🥴).

I quickly went back to sleep. And I saw her this morning.

But wow. Just wow. I had the oddest dream. I don’t quite remember the details but, I remember I was doing this scary movie scream at a high pitch, yet at sort of a whisper... next thing I know there was like a young girl (my younger self maybe? 👀) who sat in the corner of my bed -- yes, I saw my bedroom in my dream. She was kneeled in the corner and was gently tapping my shoulder to wake me. That’s when I woke up.

Like... I woke up looking for her. That’s how vivid she was. But as soon as she woke me up, she was gone. Poof!

You would think I’d be spooked, but I was the opposite. I felt a sense of comfort, security... I felt safe.

I felt like my very own guardian angel was watching over me. I’m so blessed and highly favored. Like, I literally felt so much gratitude in that moment. Is that weird?

I smiled. Then fearlessly went back to sleep.

The End. Cool story bro.


Fly Safe ✈︎ Vibe High

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