Listen, everything i do is with intention... I used to fly 120+ hours so that i could become debt-free (student loans), buy a home then use all my earnings for whatever my little pink heart desired—investing mostly & building up my family.

The nice lump sum from my leftover paycheck $ went into specific saving accounts. I grinded hard at work and on my off days went straight to my local Starbucks & grinded even harder on my own sh💞t.

I kept my expenses low w/roommate situations, car paid off (2004 chev Malibu purchased cash from previous owner), puppy-dog-eye’d my daddy into paying my phone bill for his 1 & only hardworking baby girl, went on dinner dates 🤷🏾‍♀️, and a few other $-saving hacks 🙃.

My saving accounts went like this: One was for a new home. Two, emergency fund. Three, a new (lightly used) paid-off car — my then car was on its LAST leg. Four, a CD account. Five, building my business. 

Plans had changed throughout the course of my high-time flying thus savings money re-allocated and shifted. I eventually started investing my money & thinking of more business ideas... but I always kept my eye on the prize & that is: an upgraded lifestyle of opulence.


Y’all know I love cute, expensive Sh💞t. But that’s not all. An elevated lifestyle is one of high vibration—one where money is not an issue & I don’t think twice about a purchase *cues Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” song.

i want to be able to shop at Whole Foods in the organic section for all of my poultry, veggies, fruits, etc. Good eating and health shouldn’t be a luxury, but clearly it is in the USA. 

I‘m trying to celebrate my loved ones on their birthdays or at the launch of their new business with investment $$. 

I want my momma retired. Unbothered. And sitting pretty.

I just want to be a blessing to my family and my legacy to come—it’s my goal to break the cyclical poverty-stricken chains, both physically & mentaly.

Anyway, in regards to the post’s picture: I love a quick, convenient parking spot. Y’all @ #miabase - I’m sure going to miss that free Princess Parking in the dolphin parking lot. #clutch — It’s also the little things.  Convenience & ease is a vibe. 

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