A relaxing and powerful bath.

I used white roses, sunflowers and small red roses (eh, not too sure what this flower is called) from my birthday flowers. Where my fellow Leos at?!

I also added Dr. Teal's rose epsom salt and eucalyptus bubble bath, along with a lavender bath bomb -- I kind of went overkill LOL. But it was amazing. I lined the tub with crystals - mostly of which I had got a few days before.

I have sensitive skin, so my birthday was a big excuse for me to use all of those aforementioned products. I wanted to feel like a girl for a change. A girl that can use scented soaps and bubble bath. I ain't sorry.

During this bath, I listened to a New Moon in Leo meditation from YT. New Moon is the time we create goals and sow our intentions. So I thought about goals to be written down afterwards. And I listened to soothing music while the toxins were lifted from my body. 

After the bath, I lotioned slowly. I would love to say because I was making sure to be present and deeply in that moment. But honestly, my bath was so hot and relaxing (how I love it) that I was ready to pass out! But not before writing out my intentions for everything I wanted to sow and water and see come to fruition over the next months.

Do you do any new moon, full moon rituals or traditions? What do you do to honor yourself? Let's chat. Comment below.

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