I have curated a coloring book, made especially for you, travel lover—that is affectionately titled the Travel Lifestyle Coloring Book. It is the output of my creative dreams mixed with my many travels and lifestyle, and a heavy sprinkle of high vibrational intentions that I hope will simply translate to an amazing experience on your next trip, be it inflight, on the road or even a staycation in your backyard.

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Lifestyle Travel Coloring Book

I am a recently recalled flight attendant from furlough status. With 5 years in the aviation industry, I have played enough peekaboo & held enough babies to one: know parenting is a helluva job (my soul acknowledges every parent’s soul, namaste). And two: understand travel can easily become an intense and stressful experience, depending on the purpose of travel along with outside factors, like running late due to traveling with small kids. I have happily been the connecting link to so many occasions, from vacations to honeymoons, MakeAWish Foundation trips, going-home ceremonies, deployments, business trips etc.

As a result, I have since learned a few things on how to stay grounded while on-the-go. One activity is quite simple yet effective, and that is to color. Color like one of the few people on the plane that has enough space to stretch (without even standing!) and enough (free) snacks to their contentment; color like the little human that doesn’t quite understand that their infectious giggle is heard all the way in the back of the aircraft; color like the happy child that leaves the plane with a party trail of pencil shavings, juice box straws and trail mix droppings.

It’s easy. It’s fun. And it helps us to press pause on our busy adult life and connect with our inner child.



Hello! My name is Raena “Qui” Rice, the CEO & Founder of IAL365. Its mission is to help adventurers: busy flight attendants, aviation lovers & jetsetters alike, stay connected and grounded (the irony haha) as to avoid burnout and its side effects. IAL365 does this through representative and relatable products that assist in maintaining a well-balanced, savvy lifestyle. My Wellness On-The-Go products give a loving reminder to: 

☀️ Protect your peace
🌻 Be heavy on the self-care
💋 Believe your affirmations and
🔋 Take that break.  

I live typically on-the-go, even on my off days. I grew up in Long Beach, CA. Earned my Double Bachelor of Art’s Degrees in Fashion Design & Communication from the University of California, Davis. After graduating, I returned to So. Cal's Downtown LA and thought to myself:  

"This is it. She (as in me) is about to become THE fashion icon, a legend!"

Life was just beginning for me. I was bright–eyed and hungry. 

It was a short–lived career, to say the least. I did not become the next Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine. Instead, I stumbled into the aviation industry in 2016 and found myself on the corner of happy & thriving. 

I've been a stewardess (sounds a bit fancier than ‘flight attendant’) for 5 years. By May 2021, I will have visited 21 countries and 20 states -- and that's with a picky palate. The things I love most about my career are the freedom, flexibility and the constant change of scenery and colleagues ;) So far, I have experienced many amazing places, cultures, food, as well as the big ‘’B” — and that would be burnout

This is a bit ironic as travel is one of my favorite forms of self-care. But the constant up and down, different altitudes and time zones, having somewhere to be on a set schedule, 3AM alarms, interacting with sometimes more than 400+ people in one day—as an introvert, can take some special acclimation. As this career is certainly a lifestyle more than anything else. 

But on the contrary, the very things that can cause burnout are also some of the things I love about being a stewardess. I serve simple, yet classic cocktails at 30,000 ft to somewhere upwards of 30 people a day, where one’s taste buds are more forgiving and less judgmental of the delectable. I practice my pageant smile during the boarding process and have mastered the art of “small talk”, among other cool talents. 

Side note : Since I, along with thousands of other flight attendants, had become furloughed amid the low flying season of an international crisis, I thought a nice, fun way to honor us as essential workers was to make an adult coloring book—all about us! So I created IAL365’s second coloring book, titled The Flight Attendant Lifestyle Coloring Book. Inside is a typical 3-day work trip with iconic images (like the infamous engine pic) along with juicy galley gossip on the different personalities that make up your favorite flight attendant, mine included! ;) 

Many more cool products to come very soon. To stay up to date with our journey and product drops, be sure to sign-up for our email list. 

Bon Voyage!